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I googled myself and then THIS happened...

So I'm not a massively needy writer. Subscribers to my blog will know that I can go days, weeks, perhaps even years without popping a post up here. I don't feel the need to shove Charlie Boucher under the nose of the internet on a regular basis. I generally think that the people who will like what I write will find me. Eventually. One way or another.

And so I don't pop my own name into Google very often. When I have done this in the past I've been pleasantly distracted by the adventures of a Native North American chief, who may or may not have broken the law.

But today was different. Today I typed in Charlie Boucher, and found myself. Not in a philosophical fashion, but in a very real "Hey that's me!" way.

Google decided to reward my patience first with some Charlie Boucher Facebook profiles. I had a little scroll through them;

There's a man in a cowboy hat.
One of the Charlie Bouchers listens to Radio One Lebanon.
Another one lives in New Brunswick.

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